12 November 2010

My Book

There was once a young boy living with his parents in a big luxurious house.His father bought him the latest BMW for his 18th birthday.Since then,he avoided his old friends and adopted a new life style:missing classes,neglecting prayers,going out,dating,almost every day.

In spite of his mother’s endless advice,the young man hardly cared.His mother would cry and pray everyday for him,but to the young boy,his mother’s tears had no value.

"Son,your actions will destroy your future!"his mother would say anxiously.
"I have the right to enjoy my life.So stop bothering me!"he would retort.He would continue arguing until his mum would burst into tears out of sadness.Indeed,every mother yearns to see her child guided to the right path.

His parents wanted to punish him but their love for him as their only child would always refrain them.There was always a confilct between love and education.
Does love have a limit?

Despite all their efforts,the boy did not bother to listen,neither to change his behaviour...until that specific night.On that night,he saw a dream that he would never forget in his life.

It was a terrifying dream,the young boy suddenly woke up sweating and shivering,he rushed to his study table,picked a paper and started writing whatever he could recall of his dream.

"On that night,in a state between wakefulness and dreams,I suddenly found myself in a huge assembly.There were many people,billions or more...countless.The assembly was held in a wide and very hot courtyard.People beside me were up to their necks in sweat.Their faces were as if they were heavily drunk.Their eyes were full of fear.

Despite the burning sun,there were others who were calm and serene.Their faces shined magnificently and their eyes were full of delight.Suddenly,a voice proclaimed:"Today is THE DAY!"Then there was an enormous,piercing blow of a trumpet.People were called by their names to collect their records."Come and read my book!"some people said with great joy and happiness,whereas others cried in despair:"I wish that I had not received MY BOOK!"

As I heard my name,I drew near and I received my record.It was a BOOK.But,it was a very different book.When I opened the front page,I could see myself in a virtual environment with files from floor to ceiling.Many,many files!

The book was a compilation of many events arranged by day,and time.

I was shocked by its meticulousness:event,place,date and time were clearly defined.I began to shake when I noticed that I was the author of the book.Believe me,I never wrote a book in my life.Is this a comprehensive book of my life?

As I started flipping through the book,I came across many topics:"People I have loved","People I have cheated","People I have backbitten","Lies I have told","Disobedience to Parents","Jokes I have told","People I have taught about Islam","Websites I have browsed","Good deeds I have done","Girls I have dated","Friends I have deceived","Prayers I have missed","Lustful thoughts",and many others.Without doubt,it was a book about every single thought and action of mine...including those that I never told anyone.

I hastily closed the book.I screamed but my voice could not come out.I decided to escape but my legs could not move too.Who brought me here?Who was recording these events?

I started shivering.What should I do with this book?There was only one thought on my mind:"No one must ever see this book!I have completely destroy it".How should I erase its contents?Should I tear its page to bits?!

I started to pull the pages,but they did not come out.I helplessly realized that I could neither dislodge a single page from the book nor erase even a letter.Desperate,defeated and utterly helpless.I fell on my knees and cried:"I have to repented YOU oh Allah!I will mind every action and thought!Protect me from every evil sin!"

The young boy since then changed his lifestyle,become close to Allah and his parents.Before every action,he remembered how it would be recorded in his book.People called him "the odd guy" for his sudden change,but he would keep quiet and smile.He had experienced and seen something in his dream that they never saw.

as years pass by and we've grown older.. hope we'll be closer to Allah

source from Diallo Abdoulaye Kindy

speciallity to kak lolly(http://lollylurveff.blogspot.com/),happy birthday yaa.as years pass by and we've grown older.. hope we'll be closer to Allah


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